Earth & Energy

We’re a Melbourne based team of tech-head sparkies, who specialise in data & telecommunications in the commercial sector. We distinguish ourselves by providing our clients with the highest level of service and a consistently positive customer experience.

We’re Raising the Bar..

Determined to change Australia’s perception around tradespeople, we’ve set out to build an ICT company that is unparalleled in the level of service we provide our clients, clients who range from Government schools & aged care facilities to multi-site commercial and industrial businesses. Our focus is on exceptional professionalism, communication & presentation – a trio of qualities not often associated with the trade industry.

This is How We Operate

There are two arms to our business. One being Data & Technology and the other Electrical Maintenance, quite often – these things can go hand in hand. We have a regular roster of businesses who we maintain electrically as well as one-off clients, who we provide mobile coverage and data solutions for.

Our Team

We’re a tight knit team based in Melbourne, Victoria. We love what we do and it shows. We each have a role to play and we work collaboratively, to ensure each project we take on runs smoothly from start to finish. Don’t be fooled by our small stature, we’ve worked on some of the largest builds and commercial sites both in Melbourne and nationally. In our team there’s no room for ego, so when we need support – we get the finest. We have a robust network of specialist network engineers, technicians and designers who work with us everyday, to achieve the unimaginable.

Aaron Durasovic


Aaron is the brains behind this outfit. An electrician by trade and a technology nerd at heart. He loves his work and his team, almost as much as he loves a good round of golf.

Daniel Evans

Project Manager
Daniel has been with us from the very get-go and is an important part of our team. Daniel tackles every project with as much gusto as he tackles his lunchtime croque monsieur.

Iain Henderson

Services Manager

Iain appraches every project with extraordiary attitude for success. His creavitivty shines as he thinks outside the box to deliver results each time. Outside of work, he effortlessly manages the delightful chaos of his three kids at the beach.

John Pollock

John oversee’s our projects with a keen eye for detail and an even keener sense of enthusiasm. Being our resident coffee expert, John ensures our team & clients are sipping on only the best brew.

Elliot Henkel

Project Design
Elliot studied a Bachelor of Industrial Design and is a whiz when it comes to planning & designing our projects. You might even bump into him, playing his blues guitar on a Saturday night.

Courtney Te'ray

Account Manager
If you’ve got a question, need to book a meeting or request a report, Courtney’s your go-to girl. She’s our office wiz and has yet to find a scheduling tool she didn’t like.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Our clients are at the center of everything we do and it’s been an incredible privilege to work for some of Australia’s biggest businesses and industry leaders. From hospitals and schools to large construction sites, we’ve worked collaboratively to produce results that exceed even our clients highest expectations.