Data and WiFi

We’re Experts at a Few Things..

Although we don’t do everything electrically, there is a good reason for that. We like to be specialised in the areas in which we work. So no, we don’t install air-conditioners – but we do the jobs below, really really well.

Network Data Cabling

We have extensive experience in all forms of structured cable management systems, specialising in CAT5e, CAT6 & CAT6A.

ICT Project Management

Not only are we specialists in ICT, we pride ourselves on our communications skills. We love working with different people everyday and have developed a skill set, which allows us to excel in the project management space.


We provide the installation of all telephone frameworks including running of the cable, termination, patching, jumpering and fault diagnostics.


We install fixed wireless network systems, providing our customers with greater internet coverage. We only use high quality products such as Ubiquiti Unifi™ which enables us to increase data rate & downloading speeds dramatically.

MATV & Satallite

We design, supply and install all MATV infrastructure, giving our clients the flexibility to watch free to air, Foxtel™ and closed-circuit vision on large scale projects.


Effective surveillance is key for any commercial building. We use 6-8Mp cameras for superior image detail. Our PTZ cameras offer mobility and range of vision. All CCTV installations come with remote access for our clients, ensuring they have 24-hour visibility of their site.

Access Control

Our team are specialised in the installation of keypad and card reader systems. They can integrate these systems with existing nurse call, security & workplace management technology. This results in an unmatched level of safety and access control for any facility.


We install data points and wifi signal strength boosters, required by retail POS system. We strengthen internet coverage which is imperative for reliable Apple Pay™ and payWave™ scenarios.

Cable Certification

Poor data cabling installations have been known to cause as many as 50% of all network failures. 
Certifying the structured data cabling within a buildings infrastructure reduces these failures, offering measurable benefits in operating and installation costs. 

Data Cabling Services

We are specialists in the installation of single mode patch cables, multi mode patch cables, fibre patch panels and server racking, including CAT5e CAT6, CAT6A all network structured cabling. We have expertise in screened, shielded & multi core communication cables.